• Mustard Seeds

    Mustard was used by the Romans as a spice for the first time. It is commonly called ‘sarson’ in India. The genus Brassica consists of over 150 species of annual or biennial herbs several of which are cultivated as oil seed crops like mustard. Other oil seed crops in genus are toria and rapeseed. There are many other, which are cultivated mainly as vegetable like cabbage, collies flower, turnip etc. The fresh aroma and the healthy oil they contain have made them a preferred condiment across the globe. Currently, various countries such as India, Canada, Great Britain, United States and Hungary are leading in mustard cultivation and production. In India, mustard is known both as oil seed as well as spice. Internationally however it is more popular as a spice. They are extensively used for cooking as well as in various food processing units. They are used for extracting edible oil used for preparation of almost all kinds of dishes. The oil obtained from the mustard seeds is of highest quality and standard.